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‘Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams adds Tom Hanks, fans to Arya’s kill list

SNS | New Delhi |

Game of Thrones fans are zealot and can go to any extent for the show. You’ll know that if you ever meet one. Every Game of Thrones fan has a dream to meet the characters of the show or at least their favourites. And some of them are lucky to actually meet them but what they ask for is weird. Yes, as other-worldly things that happen on the show are similar as the requests of the fans.

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the show, spoke about her encounters with fans on The Graham Norton Show. She told the host that fans ask her to add them to Arya’s kill list. Every GOT fans knows about the ‘list’ and remembers the way Arya revises it. Now, the fans want Maisie to recite the kill list but with adding their name to it.

And obviously after that Graham asked her to recite the list again, she did it, but with Tom Hanks name in it. Maisie recited the list with the same intensity and added Tom Hanks’ name in it who was the co guest. Graham Norton joked and said, “Please kill me” when Maisie called his name. Check out the episode.