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Is it the end of friendship for ‘Fukrey’ boys Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma?

SNS | New Delhi |

Actors Pulkit Samrat and Varun Sharma were caught fighting and shouting at each other in a video that has gone viral.

Pulkit and Varun, who have worked together in the Fukrey franchise, were seen shouting at the top of their voice at each other for reasons unknown.

But if we take a closer look at the video, we can pick up some points about what caused this fight between the two good friends.

In the video, Pulkit and Varun are clearly seen to be upset with each other and both of them are seen shouting and fighting. If we pay attention to the video carefully then we can hear Pulkit and Varun fighting over a shot not done properly on Varun’s part.

Pulkit is shouting at Varun for not giving a perfect shot and not behaving like a professional while Varun is defending himself and asking the person not to record the incident on camera.

The entire incident took place on a train and the two actors can be seen indulging in a brutal argument in one of the compartments of the train.

Is this the end of a beautiful friendship or is it one of Bollywood’s infamous ‘publicity’ stunts?

From the looks of it, the viral video can also be seen as a publicity stunt by the actors on the sets of a film. But why the actors would do so?

Only time will tell what is really going on between the two actors. But if the two friends are indeed fighting, then B-Town has lost on a friendship in 2018.