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Dramatic tales from Indian mythology woos audience in Egypt

PTI | Cairo |

Vanashree Rao and the Dance Project wooed the audience during their performance “Dramatic Tales from Indian Mythology”at the Cairo Opera House as part of the India by the Nile cultural festival.

The troupe, which is a collective of leading Indian artists of Kuchipudi dance, led by Vanashree Rao, brought alive tales of Indian mythology through their unique dance compositions.

“Our performance is very suitable here because Egypt has a very common ancient history like India,” Vanashree told.

The troupe has already performed at the Cultural Palace in Port Said, Ain Shams University, Cairo and Main Hall, Cairo Opera House. Their next performance will be at Sayed Darwish Theatre in Alexandria on April 23.

In her performance, Vanashree used three Indian traditional dance styles; Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam and Chhau.

“People will understand that story because it's about good, evil and deals with emotions. It's drama. We tell stories so that people understand through actions,” she said.

The troupe has performed in over 60 countries across the globe, but it is their first time in Egypt.
Moutushi Majumder, a dancer from the group said that the troupe has been preparing for their Egypt visit since past six or seven month.

“Each one of us is doing different role so it took a long time to train on that,” she said.
Dr S Vasudevan, a Bharatanatyam dancer, said the act is like a beautiful journey.

“Dramatic tales has been a wonderful journey. It is a result of a very good research by Vanashree Rao. The entire team is very happy,” he said.

Vasudevan said that the team has a very powerful energy that can move anybody.