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Director of Dileep’s ‘Ramaleela’ relieved

IANS | Mumbai |

The success of Malayalam film “Ramaleela”, featuring actor Dileep, has left director Arun Gopy relieved.

Dileep was released on bail by the Kerala High Court on Wednesday after spending 85 days in judicial custody for his alleged involvement in the kidnapping of an actress in February.

Trouble was expected after the film’s release on September 28 since Dileep was behind bars. But the film opened to a good response.

“It has got the biggest opening of Dileep’s film. I can’t tell how relieved and happy we are about this. The last few months (after the controversies surrounding Dileep) have been very tense for me and the producers.

“We were told there would be protests and attempts to stop the release of ‘Ramaleela’. Luckily for us, the people who wanted to stop the film, the protesters, are a small minority. The majority in Kerala still love Dileep,” Gopy said.

He added: “We don’t even know what happened, why he was pulled into this horrible controversy. We all know he is innocent and that he’s being framed by certain jealous elements. I would like to say so many things on this. But I can’t.

“All I can say is, what is happening to Dileep is just one more example of the trial by media that goes on in Kerala.”

Gopy said it’s the norm to indulge in celebrity-bashing in Kerala.

“Politicians and others have been targeted in this way many times. This is the first time that a film actor has been put through this media trial. Some television channels have been relentless in their campaign to demolish Dileep’s reputation,” Gopy said.