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Director Arun Roy to make a film on Hiralal

SNS | New Delhi |

Dadasahab Palkhe has been hailed as the father of the Indian cinema. He was the one to make India’s first silent feature film, Raja Harishchand in 1913.

But little is known that there was another filmmaker during that era who was creating films side by side but was unable to showcase his work due to its destruction in a fire — such is the tale of Hiralal Sen.

Director Arun Roy is set to make a film based on Hiralal Sen who was one of India’s foremost filmmakers and is said to have filmed advertising films and possibly make the country’s first political film, though a fire in 1917 is said to have destroyed all of his creations.

The story of Hiralal Sen starts with his birth in 1866 in a zamindar family in Calcutta. It has been said that Hiralal had already made over 40 films by the year 1913. He also had documented the Anti-Partition Demonstration and Swadeshi Movement at the Town Hall in 1905 and this film was considered to be the first political film created by the legend.

The Director Arun Roy has already started work with the shooting of the film and has reportedly done an extensive research on the entire subject.

The film stars Saswata Chatterjee, Kharaj Mukherjee and Shankar Chakraborty among the other actors and actresses in the film.