A man accused of credit card fraud has been jailed in Los Angeles, and his victim was none other than Hollywood actor Demi Moore. The man, David Matthew Read, stole Moore’s American Express card and went on a shopping spree between March 8 and March 27. He allegedly spent more than $169,764.

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When Moore’s assistant reported to the credit card company about the fraudulent transactions, he found out somebody had already reported the card as missing and applied for a replacement. “D.M.’s personal assistant stated that neither she nor D.M. made this report or request,” reads the document.

The surveillance video obtained allegedly showed Read making purchases from Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue store on the same days when the card went missing. Read admitted to special agent Alfredo Rossi that he picked up the replacement card at a FedEx store, where he was caught on surveillance cameras.

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According to the documents, Read was arrested on 5 April in Hollywood. He’s currently on trial for federal crimes, Read is still in a county jail here after his arrest, reports TMZ.