Celebrities who elegantly broke stereotypes in their wedding in 2021

As humans are evolving and their social systems, there has been a significant rise of class, caste, and other factors, and the rituals and traditions carrying them forward have changed day by day.

Celebrities who elegantly broke stereotypes in their wedding in 2021

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Did you know that rituals in weddings have a very significant meaning from the Vedic periods? The Vedas don’t specifically talk about Mangalsutra and Sindoor, but the rituals and traditions have a relevant mark.

As humans are evolving and their social systems, there has been a significant rise of class, caste, and other factors, and the rituals and traditions carrying them forward have changed day by day.

Nowadays trend-setters are the big celebrities and influencers, whom most of the younger generations look forward to. As many celebrities are getting married, they are also taking a step forward and helping in rewriting new wedding norms and rules for society.


Celebrity weddings have always attracted eyeballs, especially for the bride and groom’s designer outfits, guest lists, decor, and extravagant event setups. However, the year 2021 witnessed many celebrity weddings. From Rhea Kapoor’s simple wedding ceremony in her living room to Katrina Kaif’s royal wedding in Rajasthan, we witnessed quite a variety.

But some weddings of this year have grabbed our attention as they broke certain stereotypes and inspired us in many ways!

So here is a list of celebrities who broke stereotypes at their weddings and inspired us in many ways:

1.Dia Mirza

Model, actress, and climate change activist Dia Mirza tied the knot with Mumbai-based businessman Vaibhav Rekhi on February 15, 2021, in an intimate wedding. Dia Mirza looked stunning in a red Banarasi saree and Vaibhav looked dapper in an ivory sherwani. They opted for minimal decor using biodegradable and natural items.

What caught people’s attention the most was the presence of a woman priest. Conventionally, a male priest carries out the rituals of the weddings. Well, this wedding broke the gendered stereotype about how a woman is not permitted to perform the functions of a priest!

Moreover, there was no ‘Kanyadaan’ or ‘Bidaai’. People appreciated Dia for being a true feminist. It is her second marriage. A divorced woman getting married for the second time is still considered taboo in our society but Dia proved them wrong as everyone has the right to be happy.

In her Instagram post she wrote: “Also, we said NO to ‘Kanyadaan’ and ‘Bidaai’ change begins with choice doesn’t it? #GenerationEquality #SunsetkeDiVaNe #ThankYouPreeta Images by @khamkhaphotoartist @sardarsinghvirk The dream team 🤍”.

2. Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa

Rajkummar Rao won our hearts when a glimpse of his wedding surfaced online. Actor Rajkummar Rao married his lady love Patralekhaa with whom he was in a relationship for 11 years.

The good-looking couple got all the love from the fans when they made their wedding official by posting pictures on social media. A week later or so, Rajkummar shared a video from his wedding celebrations that went viral and won the hearts of people.

In a part of this video, Rajkummar Rao prompted Patralekhaa to also put Sindoor on his forehead, and she did just that. After Rajkummar Rao says, “Tum bhi laga do”, Patralekhaa obliges.

This tiny yet adorable gesture by the actor truly touched people’s hearts. Many couples who are now getting married have been inspired by this and are replicating the gesture. Putting sindoor on a woman is a ritual that marks the beginning of her life as a wife. So, why not even men put it to mark the beginning of their new journey as a husband? Rajkummar and Patralekhaa have indeed set an example in front of society!

3. Katrina Kaif

Apart from how beautiful and royal Katrina Kaif’s wedding was, it also broke a stereotype in a gorgeous way. According to Hindu customs, we see only brothers carrying the blanket of flowers above the bride’s head when she makes an entry. But in Katrina’s wedding, her six sisters carried the same.

Katrina Kaif wrote in her Instagram post: “Growing up, we sisters always protected each other. They are my pillars of strength and we keep each other grounded… May it always stay that way,”.

4. Yami Gautam

Actress Yami Gautam tied the knot with director Aditya Dhar in a hush-hush wedding in her hometown Himachal Pradesh on June 4, 2021. It wasn’t a grand wedding, as people expect from celebrities. Their wedding pictures went viral for being simple, elegant, and traditional!

Instead of opting for a designer outfit for her special day, Yami Gautam wore her mother’s saree. Her make-up was done by her sister, she wore the dupatta that her ‘Nani’ had kept for her. She was donned with traditional jewellery.

When asked in an interview about the reason behind opting for a simple wedding she answered “I’m someone who values my tradition and roots. And my family means the most to me. It was decided that I’ll be wearing my mother’s sari. I knew the dupatta which my Nani, has kept for me, and that pahadi Nath, which she had gotten it made for me and for all my other cousins, years back. I knew that this is what I want to stick to. And to each its own, whatever makes you happy. For me, this is what made me happy. I wanted to feel the warmth of our traditions.”

Yami’s simplicity is what won hearts all over the country. Despite being a part of an industry where everything is glamorous and lustrous, Yami has not forgotten her roots and wanted her wedding to be traditional and as simple as possible. It is not always the luster that allures people, sometimes simplicity creates magic. Just because she is a celebrity does not mean that her wedding must be grand and lavish. It was her choice, and I am glad everyone accepted and respected her choice!!

Hence, these tiny steps by people who influence millions truly make a difference.