Bottle Battle: Angelina Jolie locked in winery legal battle with Brad Pitt

Bottle Battle: Angelina Jolie locked in winery legal battle with Brad Pitt

Bottle Battle: Angelina Jolie locked in winery legal battle with Brad Pitt

Photo : IANS

‘Girl, Interrupted’ star Angelina Jolie has hit out at her ex-husband Brad Pitt in bombshell court documents as they continue to battle it out over the ownership of their $28.4 million Chateau Miraval Winery.

Back in July, the actress, 47, filed a petition in Los Angeles calling for the removal of a temporary restraining order on their assets automatically in place since their divorce got underway in 2016, so she could sell her share, reports ‘The Mirror’.

But Brad, 58, claimed Angelina’s decision to sell her share of the winery to a complete “stranger” was to “inflict harm” on the business and also violated their agreement. Now, in court documents, Angelina has labelled his allegations against her as “frivolous, malicious, and part of a problematic pattern.”


Angelina is also said to have claimed she didn’t want to be in the alcohol industry when “alcoholic behaviour harmed our family so deeply”.

According to court documents obtained by, the ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ actress slammed Brad’s “frivolous, malicious, and part of a problematic pattern” claims, with her own legal team providing an update.

‘The Mirror’ further states that Brad had previously claimed both he and his former wife made an agreement not to sell their parts of the property without one another approving it.

The court documents go on to add: “Pitt’s allegations that he and Ms. Jolie had a secret, unwritten, unspoken contract to a consent right on the sale of their interests in the property is directly contrary to the written record and, among other legal defects, violative of the Statute of Frauds and public policy.”

In the past, Angelina has claimed to have witnessed “lots of inconsiderate behaviour” before adding decisions were made without her consent.

According to ‘The Mirror’, the actress said she had been “hurt” by the decisions that reportedly showed no interest in sharing their business and making it into something healthier for their children.

“I find it irresponsible and not something that I would want the children to see, it reminded me of painful times,” she said when reflecting on imagery which was used to advertise their winery.

Meanwhile, Brad’s lawyer Anne Kiley previously hit out, claiming her client has been on the receiving end of “every type of personal attack and misrepresentation” in the six years since they split.