'Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra' by Daler Mehendi still swells with exuberance after 27 years

‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra’ by Daler Mehendi still swells with exuberance after 27 years

Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra, Daler Mehendi,

(Photo: Instagram/@DalerMehendi)

“Gadde te na chad di gadire te na chad di, Chhadeyan de tattu utte tap chhad di, Bolo tara ra ra, kanjri kalol kardi, Bolo tara ra ra” has been people’s favourite since 1995. Since then, these lyrics have been a rage among the listeners! The track is a unique composition by the Metaverse Man and King of Pop Daler Mehndi Ji.

It’s the perfect chartbuster to kickstart your mood. The song is so famous and popular that even after 27 years, it continues to maintain its dynamism, the music itself is so energetic and zestful that it delivers your foot on stage in no time. After 27 years, Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra continues to have a devoted fan base from all over the world, especially Koreans and Americans who still make countless reels of this classic chartbuster and share them daily on social media.

Daler Mehndi took to his social media to share a video grooving on the beats of his chart-topping song Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra while sharing valuable tips to his fans. “27 years being in the industry maintaining that consistency and fame took everything I had in me and now is the first person ever to perform a Metaverse Concert in India made of that worth it. You must take care of your health if you want to rule hearts forever. Keeping that in mind, I perform jumps and burn calories, avoid fatty foods and cholesterol-containing foods and make sure that I exercise daily to keep my body fit and voice in tune,” shared Daler Mehndi.


Daler Mehndi is a classic example of a simple man who has accomplished extraordinary feats and is continually setting new milestones. Not only has he enchanted the world with his music, but he has also mesmerized it with his strong beliefs. He feels that it’s tough to become a megastar and even more difficult to be a role model, but maintaining compatibility is what demonstrates how hard a person has worked to achieve it. Daler Mehndi has endeavored to love and gain wishes for more than 2 decades and like the legend always says, “He is not done yet!”