From diverse fields, women are coming up with stories of the harassment. One such brave personality is actress Flora Saini who starred in the latest blockbuster Stree and revealed that she was assaulted by producer Gaurang Doshi.

Flora shared some gut-wrenching photos and shared her #MeToo story which happened back on Valentine’s Day 2007 when Gaurang allegedly beat her up.

Flora wrote, “That’s me.. Valentine’s day 2007 beaten up by a known producer “Gaurang Doshi’ who I loved n was dating then .. this was the last of the one year abuse I took..came out with a fractured jaw n a scarred soul for life..”

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She even said how her career was affected. “He threatened me that he will make sure I never work in the industry again n much more.. n he did his best to make me believe it too.. I was replaced in films, people didn’t quiet wanna even meet me or let me audition. I thot I made a mistake, I shud have jus kept quiet ..I wanted to runaway, hide n be somewhere where people didn’t look at me with judging eyes n cud only jus give me work.. n not judge me by the abuse I suffered at the hands of gaurang doshi with no fault of mine.”

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The actress even applauded the women who are coming up and speaking about their #MeToo stories. She said, “This note is for all the people who have chosen to speak who are standing up against anybody who has done them wrong, no matter how powerful or renowned’s takes guts.. a lot of guts.. the abuser forgets, but the abused carries the baggage forever.. u guys make me so proud to b a woman in this industry today.”

Meanwhile, Gaurang Doshi is yet to react to the allegations against him.