The deadly Coronavirus has taken everything under its way and created an alarming situation worldwide.

With its widespread outbreak, people are left in a state of fear. After China, Italy, Iran, and the US, COVID-19 is spreading in several parts of India at a rapid pace.

To tackle the situation, many State Governments in India have called for a shutdown. They have announced closure of gyms, theatres, malls and educational institutions until March 31. Not only this, but the officials are also advising people to stay back home and avoid public places as far as possible to not contract the disease.

Most of the people are adhering to the Government’s orders and practicing self-isolation to remain safe. And among them is TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor. Yes, the producer is shaken by the unrest that has taken over the world. On Monday, Kapoor took to her official Instagram handle to share her feelings about the on-goings in the world due to coronavirus and how she is managing and keeping the idea of staying indoors. Sharing a picture of herself, Ekta also advised her fans to stay safe, sanitized and isolated. Alongside, she wrote, “I’m an outdoor person! Like everyone has asked, I am practicing self-isolation. Never in my life, have I witnessed such tragic shocking times worldwide. There is fear and panic everywhere! Will probably learn something out of this… Stay safe, stay sanitised and stay isolated (sic).”

However, Ekta also feels that this new technique of self-isolation will help her learn something new. In the picture, one can see Ekta posing in a black dress with joined hands. As of Monday, India has 114 novel coronavirus active cases with two fatalities recorded.