With every passing day, there has been a steep rise in the COVID-19 cases and there’s no denying that this isn’t going to end anytime soon. Recently, filmmaker Kunal Kohli took to his social media to confirm that her maternal aunt has died in Chicago after battling with Coronavirus for eight weeks.

Expressing his grief, Kohli shared that it was heartbreaking for the families to not be together in these tough times due to the pandemic.

Sharing in his official Twitter handle, he wrote, “Lost my Masi to Covid after an 8-week struggle in Chicago. We’re a large family that’s really close. We can’t be together at this time. This is as painful as the loss. Seeing my mom, masis and mama’s not being able to be together at this time is really hard (sic).”

He further recalled how during the treatment, his cousin sister would go to the hospital, sit in her car and pray for her mother. “This is how harsh COVID is. This isn’t the way to go. Five sisters, three brothers too, but sisters are different, their bond unbreakable. Only death could break it (sic).”

He further added, “They taught a family and everyone they touched, the meaning of love, family, giving. COVID has been harsh to our family. Won’t break our love and memories. Miss you Masi (sic).”

As of now, the pandemic has killed 3,40,000 people globally and infected about 5.5 million.