After pretending to be cousins to rent a home together for around 13 years, screenwriter Apurva Asrani has finally purchased a new house with partner Siddhant.

Feeling elated, Asrani took to his official Twitter handle to share the news. He also posed a picture of the nameplate of his new house which has Apruva & Siddhant scribbled over it.

Alongside the picture, he penned a warm note stressing on LGBTQ families. He also urged people to normalise same-sex relationships. The caption reads, “For 13 years we pretended to be cousins so we could rent a home together. We were told ‘keep curtains drawn so neighbors don’t know ‘what’ you are’. We recently bought our own home. Now we voluntarily tell neighbors we are partners. It’s time LGBTQ families are normalised too (Sic).”

Apurva is known for his impeccable writing skills that he showed in films including Aligarh which was about a small-town college professor demonised for engaging in a same-sex relationship in secret. He also served as an editor on the first season of Amazon Prime’s Made in Heaven, which featured a gay lead character.

Earlier, the writer opened up on growing up as a gay man. He said, “It’s the same for any person growing up in any sexually repressed society—you grow up in closets. It’s a dark space where no one else is allowed and all you have is a torch for company. You search inside your confined space for answers but there isn’t another soul who can share your feelings. You try and find answers through magazines, porn, noises that infiltrate from the outside world. It is lonely.”