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Birthday special: Top 5 career defining films of Ryan Reynolds

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One of the most popular Hollywood celebs known for playing many iconic roles, Ryan Reynolds has turned 41 today (October 23). He is one of the few actors in Hollywood to have essayed roles of three superheroes in different universe namely– Hannibal (Blade 3), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Deadpool (Deadpool). On the occasion of his birthday, here is a list of films that make him one of the most admired actors of his generation.

Special mention: The Hitman’s Bodyguard

What happens when you see two Marvel universe superheroes coming together in a film? You can expect a complete dosage of power packed action. The film starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson in the lead, was well received by the critics who praised Reynolds and Jackson’s performance. The film, which was released early this year, also managed to earn big bucks at the box office. It grossed a whopping $176 million worldwide.

National Lampoon Van Wilder

The film was said to be inspired by the real life experiences of Bert Kreischer, a student of Florida State University. This film marked a turning point in Reynold’s career as after a string of flops he made a comeback at the box office as the titular character in this rom-com. The film was so successful that it spawned off 2 sequels in theatrical runs and blu-ray editions. But the sequels were not so successful as they lacked the Reynolds charm.

The Amityville Horror

Once, you see Reynolds as happy-go-lucky, charming college going boy in one film and then as a psychotic crazy man who is haunted by the ghosts of a house he’s living in. Ryan was praised for portraying the character of Georger Lutz, and was even nominated for the Best Actor awards. The film is based on the mass murder committed by Ronald DeFeo Jr, who murdered six of his family members in the house in 1974.

The Proposal

With his performance in this film Reynolds proves why he one of the most versatile actors of Hollywood. This rom-com featuring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds was much appreciated by the critics and fans for the amazing chemistry between the two actors despite the age gap. The film was also a commercial success as it earned $317 million at the box office worldwide.

Safe House

When you work alongside Denzel Washington, there is a sense of fear that you might get overshadowed by his fame and greatness. However, Reynolds ensured that whatever screen time he is given in the film, he would justify it. He justified the role of CIA Rookie, Mathew Weston, so well that the critics cite this film as one of the best decisions of Reynolds career.


Since the time it was announced that Reynolds was in talks for a Deadpool film, people started talking about it and the movie got major hype. Considered as the best PG-13 film ever made and one of the most highly rated superhero films ever, Deadpool had it all. The film marks Reynold’s second appearance in the Marvel universe. The actor was lauded unanimously across the globe and got numerous nominations and awards for the same.

The actor, who is busy shooting for his upcoming film Deadpool 2, turns 41 today and we wish Wade Wilson aka Reynolds a happy birthday on his special day.