Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins on a lighter note. Hindustani Bhau’s speech steals the spotlight. Rashami and Devoleena get updates from their fellow contestants to understand the new dynamics in the house. To bring a little fun and make things more interesting, Devoleena and Rashami give a task to Tehseen to be their news reporter and update them with the latest happenings.

Tehseen gets into the character of a news anchor and invites Shehnaaz as the guest. Shehnaaz tells everyone that she found it important to switch teams as Sidharth Shukla started ignoring her. She also said that she got insecure after Himanshi Khurana entered the equation.

After Shehnaaz, it was Hindustani Bhau’s turn. Deeply affected by the behaviour and happenings of the house, Hindustani Bhau tries to explain to the housemates that they should have strong principles and be loyal to their friends while playing the game. He targets Shehnaaz on how Sidharth has always stood by her and didn’t leave her side during her bad times. He also advises not to take their fame for granted as it’s their fans’ love. The housemates are impressed by Bhau’s speech and are all praises for him. As the day ends, Devoleena tries to flirt with Arhaan in order to make a connection with him and makes Rashami jealous. Later, Rashami confesses to Arhaan that she is upset with him for declaring that he wanted to play the peacemaker between Sidharth and Rashami despite knowing the back story.

The next day, contestants wake up to the song “Angrezi Beat”, where they dance their hearts out and get ready for a fun-filled day ahead. Just then, Bigg Boss informs Asim that his team being the winner, should discuss mutually and nominate two members who deserve to be the captain of the house. Based on the performance, they decide to choose Shefali and Himanshi.

Bigg Boss then announces that each contestant now has to give a reason that who from the both are not deserving and need to put a ‘rejected’ stamp on their face. The chosen one will become the captain and re-allocate the duties, but soon that discussion turns into a fight between Rashami and Sidharth when the former denies sharing any duty with him.

Bigg Boss season 13 was launched on September 29, 2019, and since day 1, it has been associated with drama and controversy. To get daily updates and more news about Bigg Boss 13, keep surfing