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Bigg Boss 13, Day 31, Oct 31: Paras, Mahira win ticket to mid-season finale

Bigg Boss announces the end of BB Delivery task and declares Paras the winner. He then asks him to pick his partner whom he will take ahead in the game, and he names Mahira.

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Thursday’s episode saw a lot of chaos and fights inside the BB House 13 which made Arti Singh lose her control. She stood for her herself and fought for what she thought was right.

Bigg Boss’ Home delivery task continued to test the patience and loyalty of the house inmates. Post Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Shehnaz Gill’s delivery, Shefali was seen standing confused on whether or not to give an extra point to Paras. She finally decided to play neutral and not give her delivery to any of the male contestants. A dejected Shefali was seen trying her best to manipulate the girls to listen to her and stay neutral so that each girl gets a fair chance on a voting basis if the game reaches a draw.

While Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz, Arti Singh and Shehnaaz stood strong by each other’s side, the opposition team faced problems as Shefali decided to go against her team members and named Arti for the delivery girl. Arti asks to become the delivery girl but Rashami promises her that they will give her a chance in the next round. Later, Sidharth Shukla scolds Arti and asks her to fight for herself and she blames Shehnaz for not supporting her enough.

However, in the next round, Rashami voted for herself. Angry Arti fought with Shehnaaz but failed to become the delivery girl for the round. When Sidharth Shukla asks her why she could not become the delivery girl, Arti again blams Shehnaz.

Later, Shefali, Arti and Shehnaaz devised a plan to pull the task to a draw and convinced Devoleena to name Arti for delivery.

When Bigg Boss asked Shefali Zariwala about the contestants, she said Rashami Desai, Shefali Bagga and Devoleena Bhattacharjee played well as they realized they had to play for themselves. Mahira Sharma and Arti felt bad but Mahira should have fought for herself, she added.

Meanwhile, Mahira starts crying in front of Paras and expresses her disappointment and asks him to pick anyone between the three of them. Rashami comes in and talks to Mahira and they try to sort things out. Shefali and Devoleena discuss how they both were affected by what is happening and also talk about their game further.

Next morning, the housemates wake up to “Kisi disco me jayein” song. Paras and Shehnaz talk about the game and Paras tells her once again, how she must tell people to support her but she says how she does not want anyone to boast later that they supported her. Devoleena and Rashami continue talking about the game and discuss how they both have a soft corner for Mahira. Shefali tells Mahira and Paras what went about during their conversation while Paras tells how if need be, he will stand for Shehnaaz and not Rashami or Devoleena.

Now, Tehseen Poonawalla visits the secret room and Bigg Boss gives him a chance to watch over the house and contestants to know more about them.

Bigg Boss asks Tehseen about his opinion on the game so far and next up, Khesari Lal Yadav is called inside the secret room.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss announces that the next round in the game will be the last. Shefali, Rashami, and others discuss the next round, while Arti suggests Devoleena to go and draw this game. Paras, on the other hand, asks Rashami to make Devoleena the delivery girl. The buzzer rings and everyone places their orders. Everyone get into an argument over who the delivery girl will be. Shefali and Devoleena discuss what they plan on doing while Paras and Mahira talk between themselves too.

Rashami and Arti fight while deciding the delivery girl as Shefali, Devoleena and Shehnaaz wanted to go. Asked to vote, Shehnaaz backs out and both Shefali and Devoleena get equal votes, leaving decision at a tie. When Rashami announces Devoleena’s name, Arti gets angry and begins fighting, asking how could Rashami decide. Shehnaaz tries pacifying Arti but she loses her cool and yells at Shehnaaz. Arti then asks Shefali to speak but Shefali says Rashami has announced and there was no point arguing.

Devoleena says she will stand by her friends and delivers the food to Paras.

Bigg Boss announces the end of BB Delivery task and declares Paras the winner. He then asks him to pick his partner whom he will take ahead in the game, and he names Mahira.

Bigg Boss then asks Khesari for his opinion, who says how it was an interesting task, and how he felt there is a lot to do. He also suggests that they should have let the audience decide.

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