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Bigg Boss 13, Day 11, Oct 10: Rashami breaks down, blames Abu Malik for complaining over food

Abu Malik asks Rashami and others to make a curry and suggests how to make food tasty.

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The eleventh day of the show saw the first major fight over food and new drama panning out inside the house. Koena Mitra accidentally enters the bathroom when Siddhartha Dey was taking a bath. Everybody started teasing Dey on this. Koena, then asked Paras, who was standing right outside the bathroom, to not to embarrass Dey over the incident and not to talk about it again. However, Paras told Asim Riaz who in turn disclosed it to everyone, making them tease Siddhartha Dey over it.

Bigg Boss then announced the continuation of the black ring task for boys. Bigg Boss also made it clear that the person with the maximum rings will be closer to nomination for next week’s eviction.

Shehnaaz, Devoleena, Arti and Shefali placed their rings against Paras while Mahira, Koena and Rashami gave their rings to Siddharth Shukla. Daljeet Kaur gave her ring to Siddhartha Dey for dragging her som’s name in the window task earlier this week. Later, Paras said he was shocked as his own friends turned their back on him.

In a clear bid to irritate Shehnaaz, Paras and Mahira get into a fun banter, hugging each other and have a laugh over it.

Bigg Boss 13 house also had the first major fight over food. Abu Malik asks Rashami and others to make a curry and suggests how to make food tasty. Paras questions all the issues everyone has regarding the food and goes inside the room and tells everyone what happened. Sidharth Shukla and Paras talk about how a third vegetable is not needed, while Rashami cribs about it. Shukla asks Paras why he wasted eggs. The discussion soon turns into a heated argument. Sidharth Shukla sarcastically tells Paras, “Mai aapke saamne dikhne ke liye ye kar raha hun? Oh my God, thank you so much aapne meri life bana di.”

Later, Paras tries to pacify things and tells Sidharth that there should be no aggression.

Rashami breaks down talking about how she made the food with a lot of love and feels hurt about how Sidharth and others are talking about her. Rashami feels everyone is talking against her. Rashami tells Siddharth Dey about how she and Shukla have never been on good terms and how even though she thought he has changed, he hasn’t. She further says that he is very fake.

Later, in the bedroom, Rashami hugs Devoleena and cries again blaming Abu Malik for complaining over food. Later on, Arti tells Sidharth Shukla that Rashami was crying and then begins to talk about how hurt she was when Rashami broke her pot. Arti breaks down while talking about how she trusted Rashami after which Shukla consoles her.