Baahubali series has been much talked about for its ‘larger than life’ appearance on screen and the team behind it deserves appreciation for their hard work. Now, film Baahubali: The Conclusion will hit big screen on Friday. The film which was to be screened today has been postponed for 28 April following the death of veteran actor Vinod Khanna.

In a candid conversation with, production designer of the Baahubali series, Sabu Cyril shared his experiences while making the film.

When asked about the ‘Larger than life’ essence of the movie, Cyril said, “We got conscious that we were doing it right after the first one made it big at the box office.”

“The film is not two parts but a continuation of the same story, so knowing that we are working in the right direction made it easy” he added.

Cyril said that the first part of the series was a challenge in itself. “The second part was easy as we had control, we knew what we were doing and it helped us to plan better,” he added.

The sequels of Bollywood films rarely do well, it will be a record in itself if Baahubali 2 does better than Baahubali.

“First was difficult because it was character introduction. Now we have to show more of the story. So I think people will be really glued to the screen.” Cyril said.

When asked for his secret mantra on giving a hit, the humble production designer said “Good work comes when one puts his heart and soul in it and sincerity towards the work is important.”

“Working day and night and not taking a break for five years deserve success I think” he added.

Directed by SS Rajamouli, the film Baahubali 2 will hit big screen on 28 April.