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‘Atrangi Re’ Movie Review: Too much simplification of a complex plot; pun to mental health issues

The strength of the movie is the climax. Except for the climax, the movie has nothing to provide in the name of new.

Akshita Singh | New Delhi |

The history of Bollywood is evident that a good love story can make the careers of every person associated with it. It’s been a long since a good love story has noted its significance amongst the audience.

‘Atarngi Re’ a love story from the director of ‘Raanjhanaa’, ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, and ‘Zero’, Anand L. Rai could not make much out of his new release. The director is known for his presentation of stories with innovative twists and turns, and not being ashamed of taking risks has somehow allowed the movie to mock the issue of mental health.

The strength of the movie is the climax. Except for the climax, the movie has nothing to provide in the name of new. The serious issue of forced marriage is showcased but does not have a depth to the plot. The music by A R Rahman keeps the audience engaged with the plot but it alone cannot make the audience enjoy the movie.

The acting by Dhanush justifies his personality. Vishwanathan Iyer or simply Vishu is a Tamil medical student from a Delhi college, who is forcibly married to Rinku — under the influence of laughing gas. Dhanush has tried to make us feel every emotion the movie wants to convey yet he alone cannot save the whole movie.

The performance by Sara Ali Khan is average. Her Bihari accent is only evident during the opening sequence of the movie, the complexity of the character she is playing is not showcased seriously. Waiting for some good performances by her.

The other big name of the movie is Akshay Kumar, he doesn’t have much to do in the movie. A kind of mysticism that revolves around his existence and presence does nothing but confuse the audience (except for the end).

Coming to the plot of the story, The plot is very complex and could have been depicted much better, but the efforts for simplifying the plot have ruined it completely. There is a lot of hot air around a seemingly-complex idea revolving around two men and a woman.

As the title suggests the story is absolute that ‘Atrangi’. The movie portrays the confusion girls have while choosing husband and lover, as it is believed one can’t be both. The movie is definitely a love triangle but again with a twist.

If you are about to watch this movie, please do not loose patience before the climax of the film. The climax is the most important element of the movie.