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‘Amazon Obhijan’ to release in 9 UK theatres

SNS | New Delhi |

Amazon Obhijan, a sequel to Bengali blockbuster Chander Pahar, will be released in nine UK theatres that will be targeting 100 screens in a week.

As per reports, the film featuring Bengali superstar, Dev, will hit the silver screen on January 12 in nine United Kingdom theatres that will provide the film with 100 screens.

Amazon Obhijan (Amazon Adventures) will be initially released in nine places in UK through Cineworld chain– Feltham, Wood Green, Ilford, Milton Keynes, Birmingham Broad Street, Bradford, Leeds.

The director of the film is looking forward to UK response for his film as the makers have invested heavily on this adventure action film.

“We have invested very heavily on the production and visual effects to deliver a world-class product to the Indian audiences – living here and in the UK,” SVF director, Mahendra Soni said.

Bengali actor Dev returns for the sequel as Shankar, which has been extensively shot in the rain forest of Brazil, and will hit Indian theatres on December 22 in six languages– Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Odia and Assamese.