Alia Bhatt who has created a niche for herself in the industry believes that camaraderie is important when working with co-stars. The actor who has worked with actors like Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and many more believes that an actor’s performance is affected by the camaraderie one shares with a co-star.

“It makes a huge difference in my performance depending on the rapport with my co-actor. It brings so much to the scene when you know the co-actor is giving you the room to flourish your performance…when you share a chemistry and a certain warmth with your actor. The scene comes out to be way more organic,” Alia told IANS in an interview.

Talking about her latest film Kalank in which she shares screen space with Varun Dhawan and Aditya Roy Kapoor the actor shared that despite being engrossed in the journey of complex characters that each of them play, all were supportive of each other.

When asked if success from her previous work helps adds confidence as an actor, she promptly replied, “I am very responsive to all the love and appreciation that I have got for Gully Boy because it is a result of our hard work. So when I say ‘thank you’, I do not take a compliment as in ‘Yeah, I am a great actor and I deserve all this’. I rather think about the fact that how our hard work is getting appreciation.

“But it is not good to be too confident, that I would carry it while promoting the next film, thinking people will like all my films. Having said that, I am confident about Kalank because we put all our efforts to create a world, narrate an intense story of love,” she added.

The Raazi actor has on numerous instances added that she has never been too attached to her success or criticism. “That is the nature of the business. If I fail, I would rather learn from the mistake and move on… that’s the way it works.”

Talking about her next upcoming film, Kalank a period drama directed by Abhishek Varman, Alia spoke of her character and the effort she put in to make her more likeable.

“She is a girl with a lot of values of modern day. She may not be doing all the right things in life but her intention is not bad. She is emotional. Since she is vulnerable and burdened by the journey of life, but at the same time with all her complexity, she is adorable. The challenging part was to make her likeable… Hopefully people will like it,” she said.

The actor who began her journey with Karan Johar’s Student of the Year went on to establish herself as an actor much later with Imtiaz Ali’s Highway and has since then never looked back. On speaking about her journey and her approach to acting having changed with experience the actor added, “As an actor, I am very much of a switch on and switch off. In fact, I do not want to think too much about the scene by almost zoning myself out from reality before the camera rolls. I memorize all my dialogues months earlier so that it can become my second nature. I mean the moment I hear ‘action’, I can say the dialogues… it’s in my head. This, and performing with instinct are the two things happened to me over time.

“Perhaps that is why I can’t repeat the same thing in a retake. Then my director has to show me, and I will try to recreate that, which mostly does not happen because I am instinctive and spontaneous as a performer,” she said.

Bhatt’s next up is Kalank which releases under the Dharma banner on April 17th.

Brahmastra with Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor is her next ambitious project along with Inshallah opposite Salman Khan.