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Actress Aindrila Sharma passes away at 24, after suffering multiple cardiac arrests

Aindrila was a cancer survivor and won her battle against the disease twice.

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma passed away on Sunday at the age of 24 after suffering multiple cardiac arrests.

Aindrila was admitted to a private hospital in Howrah on November 1 after suffering a massive brain stroke. She underwent left frontotemporoparietal de-compressive craniectomy surgery and was kept in ventilator support. On Tuesday, the actress suffered cardiac arrest and was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) support. Her health condition remained critical.

Earlier today, Aindrila again reportedly suffered from multiple cardiac arrests and breathed her last at the hospital in Howrah after battling with life for 20 days.

Aindrila was a cancer survivor and won her battle against the disease twice. In 2015, she was first diagnosed with cancer, Primitive Neuro-Ectodermal Tumor (PNET) in the spine. After a prolonged battle with the disease she won and returned to her normal life. In 2017, the actress made her television debut with the Bengali serial Jhumur. She did a number of popular daily soaps since then including Jiyon Kathi which made her a household name in Bengal.

Life was running smooth until in 2021 when once again life took an off-track and her cancer relapsed. She was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in her lungs. After a critical surgery and multiple sessions of chemotherapy, the actress won again. She survived cancer for the second time and returned to work. Recently Aindrila starred in a prominent role in the web series ‘Bhagar’.

But on November 1 the actress suffered from brain stroke and finally succumbed to death on Sunday November 20 after battling with life for a long.