24th KIFF schedule: Check out the list of films you can watch today, 11 November

More than 300 films, including feature films, shorts and documentaries, will be screened in 16 theatres across Kolkata and Howrah over the eight-day festival

24th KIFF schedule: Check out the list of films you can watch today, 11 November

The 24th Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) got under way on Saturday. The special attraction at this year’s KIFF schedule is 100 years of Bengali cinema.

While Antony Firingee, the 1967 Bengali classic starring Uttam Kumar and Tanuja, was the inaugural movie, Bengal brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero was also screened at the event held at Netaji Indoor Stadium where celebrated Iranian director Majid Majidi and Australian filmmakers Philip Noyce, Jill Bilcock and Simon Baker were the guests of honour.

Australia is the ‘focus country’ of 24th KIFF.


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More than 300 films, including feature films, shorts and documentaries, will be screened in 16 theatres across Kolkata and Howrah over the eight-day festival that will also see screening of films by Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, and Ritwik Ghatak, among others.

The festival will be on till November 17. Here is a venue-wise 24th KIFF schedule of the movies to be screened today, i.e. 11 November.


09.00 am | Centenary Tribute: Ernst Ingmar Bergman Det Sjunde Inseglet (The Seventh Seal); Director: Ingmar Bergman; 1957/Sweden/96 mins

11.45 am | Retrospective: Majid Majidi Mohammad Rasoolollah (Muhammad: The Messenger Of God); Director: Majid Majidi; 2015/Iran/162 mins

03:00 pm | Special Screening: Yours Truly; Director: Sanjoy Nag; 2018/India/84 mins

05:00 pm | International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images;
Tarikh (A Timeline); Director: Churni Ganguly; 2018/India/116 mins

7.15 pm | International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images;
Olu (She); Director: Shaji N Karun; 2018/India/109 mins


11:15 am |  Special Focus: Contemporary Tunisia;
Zizou; Dir: Ferid Boughedir; 2016/France/99 mins

03:15 pm | Unheard India: Rare Language Indian Films;
Sinjar; Dir: Sandeep Pampally; 2017/India/115 mins

05:15 pm | Competition on Indian Language’s Films;
Sayahnangalil Chila Manushyar (Certain Lives In Twilight); Dir: Praveen Sukumaran; 2018/India/95 mins

07:30 pm | Competition on Indian Language’s Films: Nirmal Enroute;
Dir: Rishi Deshpande; 2018/India/124 mins


05:15 pm | Unheard India: Rare Language Indian Films;
Navleri (Bride); Dir: Prashnath HE; 2018/India/124 mins

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Sisir Mancha

11:00 am | Competition on Indian Documentary Films: The Jungle Man Loiya: Dir: Farha Khatun; 2018/India/21 Min

02:00 pm | Children’s Screening: The Great Indian Road Movie;
Dir: Sohan Lal; 2018/India/119 mins

06:45 pm | Great Master: Bimal Roy; Do Bigha Zamin
(Two Acres Of Land); Dir: Bimal Roy; 1953/India/131 mins

Rabindra Sadan

11:15 am | Retrospective: Philip Noyce; Patriot Games; Dir: Phillip Noyce;
1992/United States of America (USA)/117 mins

03:15 pm | Restored Classics: Pather Panchali; Dir: Satyajit Ray; 1955/India/125 mins

05:15 pm | Restored Classics: Aparajito; Dir: Satyajit Ray; 1956/India/110 mins

07:30 pm | Restored Classics: Apur Sansar; (The World Of Apu); Dir: Satyajit Ray; 1959/India/105 mins

Nazrul Tirtha-I

11:00 am | Maestro: Loro; Dir: Paolo Sorrentino; 2018/Italy/150 mins

02:00 pm | Competition on Indian Language’s Films: Kedara
(The Songs Of Silence); Dir: Indraadip Dasgupta; 2018/India/108 mins

04:00 pm | Retrospective: Philip Noyce; Salt; Dir: Phillip Noyce; 2010/United States of America (USA)/104 mins

06:00 pm | Special Focus: Contemporary Tunisia; Benzine; Dir: Sarra Abidi; 2017/Tunisia/90 mins


07:00 pm | Cinema International: Animal; Dir: Armando Bo; 2018/Argentina/112 mins

09:00 pm | Cinema International: Touch Me Not; Dir: Adina Pintilie
2018/Romania/125 mins

Inox City Center 1

03:00 pm | Cinema International: En Guerre (At War); Dir: Stephane Brize; 2018/France/113 mins

05:30 pm | Cinema International: Joueurs (Treat Me Like Fire); Dir: Marie Monge; 2018/France/105 mins

PVR Cinema (Diamond Plaza)

02:00 pm | Maestro: Climax; Dir: Gaspar Noe; 2018/France/96 mins

04:00 pm | Maestro: The House That Jack Built; Dir: Lars Von Trier; 2018/Denmark/155 mins

06:00 pm | Cinema International: Un Couteau Dans Le Coeur
Knife Plus Heart); Dir: Yann Gonzalez; 2018/France/110 mins

New Empire

01:00 pm | International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images;
Sibel; Dir: Guillaume Giovanetti, Cagla Zencirci; 2018/Turkey/95 mins

03:00 pm |  Contemporary Australian Cinema: Dancing The Invisible; Dir: Axel Grigor; 2017/Australia/78 mins

05:30 pm | Cinema International: Ballon; Dir: Michael Herbig; 2018/Germany/120 mins

07:30 pm | Maestro: Climax; Dir: Gaspar Noe; 2018/France/96 mins

PVR Cinema (Avani Mall)

03:00 pm | Cinema International: Jak Pies Z Kotem (Like Cat And Dog); Dir: Janusz Kondratiuk; 2018/Poland/102 mins

05:30 pm | Cinema International: Sew The Winter To My Skin; Dir: Jahmil XT  Qubeka; 2018/South Africa/118 mins

Carnival Cinema

09:00 am | Maestro: Coincoin Et Les Z’inhumains (Coincoin And The Extra-humans); Dir: Bruno Dumont; 2018/France/52 mins

11:00 am | Cinema International: La Patrie (Homeland); Dir: Anindya Chatterjee; 2018/India/73 mins

Mitra Cinema

04:00 pm | Maestro: Se Rokh (3 Faces); Dir: Jafar Panahi; 2018/Iran/100 mins

06:00 pm |  Maestro: Zimna Wojna (Cold War); Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski; 2018/Poland/89 mins

08:00 pm | Maestro: Jiang Hu Er Nv (Ash Is Purest White); Dir: Jia Zhangke; 2018/China/141 mins

Basusree Cinema

12:00 pm  | Iconic Australian Cinema: Blessed; Dir: Ana Kokkinos; 2009/Australia/110 mins

02:00 pm | Cinema International: A Land Imagined; Dir: Siew Hua Yeo; 2018/Singapore/95 mins

04:00 pm | Maestro: Gangbyun Hotel (Hotel By The River); Dir: Hong Sangsoo; 2018/South Korea/96 mins

Chalachchitra Satabarsha Bhaban

11:00 am | Competition on Indian Short Films: Gadhul (Turbid); Dir: Ganesh Shelar; 2018/India/25 mins

02:00 pm | Documentary Films: In His Inner Voice: Kuldip Nayar; Dir: Meera Dewan; 2017/India/61 mins

04:00 pm | 100 years of Bengali Cinema: Mukti; Dir: Pramathesh Barua; 1937/India/115 mins

06:00 pm | 100 years of Bengali Cinema: Saptapadi; Dir: Ajoy Kar; 1961/India/170 mins