PM Modi on Friday slammed the Congress at two rallies in Madhya Pradesh on a host of issues including ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’.

“Remember how Congress people made fun of ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. They didn’t leave any chance to call the idea a small one. Whenever I used to pick the broom, they used to spend the entire day trolling me on social media,” the PM said at a massive BJP rally in Jabalpur.

The PM told the gathering “this election is not about an MP or the PM”.

“This is about a prosperous and safe India, guarantee the future of children,” he said, adding, “This is an election to help India reach a better stage.”

The PM also said the Congress was targeting him over demonetisation owing to the reverses suffered by “people close to it” in the realty sector as a result of the note ban.

“Housing prices fell due to the note ban, leading to the “devastation” of people close to the Congress who had invested in the sector,” he said

The PM said that a majority of Indians supported his move despite the difficulties it entailed. He said that attempts were made to instigate the public by showing videos of people standing in queues outside banks when the campaign was launched to curb black money.

He also attacked the Congress over its record of governance in Madhya Pradesh in a short span of just a few months and also made a reference to recent tax raids in Delhi, which he has been terming as the “Tughlaq Road election scam”.

“In Madhya Pradesh, bags and boxes full of notes are being recovered from Congress leaders. Congress has done a Tughlaq Road election scam in just 6 months of coming to power,” he said.

The PM said that “dacoits and kidnappers have got a new energy” after Congress came to power in the state.

There have been I-T raids at the premises of aides of Madhya Pradesh’s Congress Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

At another rally in Sidhi, the PM reportedly said that the law should be equal for all and if he is doing anything wrong then even his house should be raided.

“Agar Modi bhi gadbad kar raha hai to uske ghar bhi raid panda chahiye, kanoon sabke liye saman hona chahiye (If Modi does anything wrong, then his house should also be raided. Law should remain equal for all),” Modi said.

Here too he targeted the Congress government led by Kamal Nath, without naming the MP CM.

“The Congress government launches welfare schemes for the poor and farmers and then misappropriates funds for those programmes. Right from Delhi to Bhopal, corruption is the norm the Congress party follows. But your ‘chowkidar’ is alert and he would spare none, be it top leaders or their confidants,” he said.

“The government of ‘chowkidar’ at the Centre sends funds to the state government to provide nutrition to the poor tribal children and pregnant women, so that they give birth to healthy babies. But despite the presence of an alert ‘chowkidar’, these audacious lot of politicians created ‘Tughlaq Road scam’,” he added.

The PM arrived in Sidhi from Varanasi after filing his nomination for Lok Sabha elections 2019.

The first round of polls in the state will take place during the fourth phase of general elections on April 29, when polling will take place in six parliamentary constituencies.