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Narendra Modi will be best remembered for mob-lynching: Asaduddin Owaisi

“Does Modi speaks for all? No he doesn’t. He is the chowkidar of only those who believe in RSS ideology,” says the AIMIM chief

Statesman News Service | Hyderabad |

The legacy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be that of lynching, said AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi as campaign for 17 Lok Sabha seats came to an end in Telangana on Tuesday, with the state slated to go for polls on 11 April.

Referring to reports of a Muslim man being beaten up and forced to eat pork by a mob for allegedly selling beef in Assam, Owaisi said these incidents would haunt Modi for his entire life that being a prime minister he was unable to stop them.

“Modi’s legacy will be that when he was the Prime Minister the number of incidents of mob-lynching was the highest. He will be remembered for mob-lynching. Shaukat Ali, a 68-year-old man was beaten up and fed pork in a state where beef is eaten,” Owaisi said urging people to vote against BJP.

“Does Modi speaks for all? No he doesn’t. He is the chowkidar of only those who believe in RSS ideology. He is not the chowkidar of the poor, down-trodden, backward and Dalit. He is the chowkidar of the rich,” Owaisi said reminding people that Modi no longer speaks of demonetisation in his campaign speeches.

“The country is big Modi is small. Our Constitution is bigger, Modi is absolutely small. Composite culture is bigger but Modi has no faith on it. Modi clashes with the secularism that is very part of our ethos,” he added. He also said that BJP leadership knows that it cannot scrap Article 370 because it is the bridge between India and Kashmir and reminded that states like Nagaland and Mizoram are protected by Article 370. He also criticised BJP’s position on Uniform civil code.

The last day of campaigning  was also marked by barbs exchanged between BJP president Amit Shah and TRS working president KT Rama Rao.

Amit Shah claimed the Centre had done quite a lot for Telangana than the Congress. “UPA only gave Rs 16,500 crore for Telangana in five years. Narendra Modi has given Rs 2,45847 crore in five years.