Former CPI (M) General Secretary Prakash Karat said on Sunday that his party would campaign to ensure the defeat of all Congress-led UDF candidates in the state including Congress president Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad.

Commenting on the Congress party’s announcement of Gandhi’s candidature from Wayanad, in addition to Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, Karat said the Congress party’s decision to field the Congress president from the Kerala constituency “goes against their own stated commitment to fight the BJP” in the coming elections.

He said, “In Kerala it is the Left Democratic Front, the LDF which is the main force which can fight the BJP, and Rahul Gandhi is going to Kerala to fight the LDF, which means that we have to take on the UDF of which Rahul Gandhi will be the candidate.”

The senior CPI (M) leader said the UDF consists not only of the Congress, the Muslim League, but “other parties which have a dubious reputation,” and the CPI (M)-led LDF shall work to defeat the UDF in all constituencies including Wayanad.