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Pujor Adda: Anupam Roy talks about love and music

Durgapuja means prem and singer Anupam Roy has a new offering this year. His pujor song ‘Ga Chhunye Bolchi’ is the new love anthem for this Durga Puja.

Payal | Kolkata |

With the joy of festivities blooming in every heart, pujo songs are adding to the spirit. It is that time of the year when love and music are in the air.

Durgapuja means prem and singer Anupam Roy has a new offering this year. His pujor song ‘Ga Chhunye Bolchi’ is the new love anthem for this Durga Puja. Ahead of the festival, Anupam Roy unfolds the stories of the new song and talks about Pujo prem on an exclusive pujo adda with The Statesman.

What is the story behind the song?

I had a tune in my mind and conceptualised a story. Actually, I wanted to bring the flavour of a teenage love story and penned it down likewise. It is a simple love song where the boy falls in love with a girl and tries to express his heart out to her on Durga Puja. Basically, it talks about pujo prem and that is what I tried to highlight.

The hook line ‘Ga Chhunye Bolchi’ is very connecting for the Bengalis and we often use this phrase. What’s your say?

Yes, this phrase is something that we all use at some point in our conversation. In my songs, I always try to put in elements from our day-to-day lifestyle, and in this case, these words struck my mind just like that and I didn’t want to change it. If you can connect to the lyrics then only you’ll like the song.

How was it collaborating with the young hearts Rwitobro and Angana?

Oh, it was lovely collaborating with them. They are exuberant and extremely energetic. There’s a freshness and innocence in them which I was looking for. The song beautifully captures the moments of pujor prem.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone during Pujo or any love at first sight?

I always wished to fall in love and have such moments during pujo but nothing of the sort has ever happened. Never mind, I am an optimist and still hope that something good will happen someday during puja.

What’s your fondest puja memory?

Total about the fondest puja memory definitely I have to walk down my childhood days, so many memories are attached to Durga Puja. We used to buy cap guns and the joy of firing them roaming around the pandal premises was beyond any comparison. Those memories still bring in so much nostalgia. Nowadays we don’t get to see all these.

Now, you don’t get to celebrate puja the way you used to do in childhood. Isn’t it? So, what do you miss the most?

I miss that innocent heart, the one that used to get amazed and happy over little things. In childhood, ice cream, or an egg roll would give us so much joy. But now we don’t even count on those things. The innocence of childhood is what I miss.

Pujor gan has always been an integral part of pujo culture. What is your favourite pujo song?

Actually, it is very tough to say, I have several pujo songs of my own. But the pujo songthat changed my life is ‘Amake amar moto thakte dao’. That was the first ever song I recorded from the movie Autograph in 2010 and it was released during the puja. That song suddenly made me a star and was the biggest turn of my life. So yes, that will be my favourite pujo song.

What is your puja plan this year?

My plan is to sing and try to reach out to more audiences. I have quite a few shows outside Kolkata and might be traveling to Hyderabad and Delhi as well.