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CoWIN launches ‘Know Your /Client’s Vaccination Status’ app

This response will be digitally signed and can be shared instantly with the verifying entity, the ministry said.

SNS | New Delhi |

Co-WIN has developed a new API called ‘Know Your Customer’s Vaccination Status’, or KYC-VS, which will enable a verifying entity to know whether a person has been vaccinated against Coronavirus or not, the Union Health Ministry said on Friday.

Over 72 crore vaccine doses have been administered since the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 was flagged off in January this year.

Co-WIN is already issuing a digitally verifiable certificate as proof of vaccination for each of these individuals, This certificate can be saved on a digital device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc), or stored in DigiLocker from where it can be digitally shared as and when required as proof of vaccination, the ministry said in a statement.

It may be shown in both digital and physical forms at entry points where such certificate is required (e.g., in malls, office complexes, public events etc),

The app might come in handy when an enterprise or employer may like to know the vaccination status of its employees to resume functions in offices, workplaces etc, it added.

Railways is yet another place which may want to get the status of vaccination of the passengers who are getting their seats reserved in the trains.

Airlines too can use this KYC app for passengers who are booking their flight tickets, so as to screen the vaccinated passengers to pass through.

Hotels may want to know the vaccination status of the residents at the time they are checking into the hotel, or at the time of making online bookings, it further said.

To maintain everyone’s safety, there is a need for a way to digitally convey an individuals’ vaccination status to entities with whom they may be engaging for any or all reasons, as employees, passengers, residents etc.

“Therefore, there is a need to enable an Aadhaar like authentication service for the status of vaccination through Co-WIN.

To take care of these cases and others that may come up, Co-WIN has developed a new API called ‘Know Your Customer’s/Client’s Vaccination Status’ or KYC-VS,” the ministry said in the statement.

To use this API, an individual needs to enter his/her mobile number and name. Thereafter, they will get an OTP which they have to enter. In return, Co-WIN will send a response to the verifying entity on the individual’s status of vaccination, which will be as follows:

— Person is not vaccinated, Person is partially vaccinated — Person is fully vaccinated

This response will be digitally signed and can be shared instantly with the verifying entity, the ministry said.

Like Aadhaar, the KYC-VS is consent-based and privacy-preserving, it added.

Additionally, in order to facilitate quick integration and faster adoption, the Co-WIN Team has prepared a webpage with the API, which may be embedded in any system. This will allow for seamless integration with any system in no time, the statement said.