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Sikkim group marks ‘Samjhauta Diwas’ in Gangtok

Statesman News Service | Gangtok |

The Nationalist Sikkimese United Organisation (NSUO) marked Samjhauta Diwas-2018 at Bhanu Park here on Tuesday. The day commemorates the historic 8- May Tripartite Agreement signed in 1973 among the Indian government, the Chogyal of Sikkim and three political parties, which envisaged a democratic set-up and administrative reforms for Sikkim.

The coordinator of the NSUO, Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha, said that the Agreement was historic as it was the first time that people of Sikkim were allowed to participate in the decision-making process when it came to the political future of Sikkim.

“This agreement holds paramount importance for every Sikkimese. The government of India refers to the terms and conditions of the 8th May Agreement while formulating policies and programmes for Sikkim even today,” he said.

Among other things, the apolitical organization has demanded singing that the state government declare 8 May as a public holiday and mark it as ‘Samjhauta Diwas’ officially. Representatives from political parties and apolitical organisations and common people attended the function on Tuesday.

The Tripartite agreement called for establishment of a fully responsible government in the then Kingdom of Sikkim with more democratic and greater legislative and executive powers for elected representatives of the people.

It also envisaged a system of elections based on adult suffrage “which will give equitable representation to all sections of the people on the basis of the principle of one man one vote.”