Shraddha murder case: Police collect deceased’s clothes from rented house

,Shraddha murder case, Shraddha murder case

Aftab (L) and Shraddha (R) (Photo: SNS)

A Delhi Police team on Saturday  collected Victim Shraddha Walkar’s clothes from the rented house in Chattarpur, which she shared with her live-in partner Aftab Ameen Poonawalla, in an effort to get more clues to help in the ongoing probe into her brutal murder.

According to sources, the Delhi police team, while investigating  also recovered heavy and sharp cutting tools from Poonawala’s flat, which they suspect might have been used for chopping Shraddha’s body.

Meanwhile, the sources further stated that Aftab has started revealing truth and after strict interrogation, he himself is helping the police to recover the vital evidence from his Chhatarpur flat.


While investigating this sequence, the Police has also recovered a heavy black polythene bag from Aftab’s Gurugram workplace yesterday.

The police claimed that the rented accommodation, the place of offence, is being closely inspected by the crime team and forensic experts.

From the house where Aftab killed Shraddha on May 18 and the chopped up her body into 35 pieces, multiple items have been seized already.

“Following up on the disclosures by Aftab, various combing operations have been carried out at various places, including some forest areas, from where bones were recovered,” a senior police official revealed.

To ascertain that the bones belong to Shraddha, the blood samples of her father and brother have been collected for a DNA analysis which will take 15 days.

“To find out if any incriminating evidence resides in the digital devices seized from the place of offence, the same have also been sent for forensic retrieval of data,” said the official.

He added that every word being uttered by Aftab during interrogation is being assessed upon the crucible of admissible evidentiary value.

“Police teams are also carrying out search operations to recover the missing skeletal parts. Several inter-disciplinary teams are working round the clock for documenting, finding discrepancies and further refining the versions and the motives being put forth by the accused,” said the official.