A COVID-19 infected family in Una district of Himachal Pradesh, which included a nonagenarian, has won the battle against the disease with the help of neighbours and proper health facilities.

All members of the family were found to be infected with Corona virus, including a 90-year-old woman, her ex-serviceman son, daughter-in-law, and two grand-daughters, except her grandson. Somehow this child remained untouched by coronavirus infection.

An official spokesman revealed that the woman’s son returned from Mumbai on 2 June after his retirement from the Indian Army. His COVID-19 report was found positive in a sample taken on 8 June. This corona-infected ex-serviceman was then shifted to the Covid-19 Care Center at Khadd.

Keeping in view the age of his mother, the Health department decided to keep the remaining members under home quarantine. Strict adherence to the rules of home quarantine and proper care of doctors helped this nonagenarian defeat corona.

The spokesman said on 14 June, this elderly woman was reported Corona positive. “Surprisingly, she defeated Corona within 10 days. When she was re-tested on 24 June, she was found to be negative. Now all members of the family have been reported negative,” the spokesman said.

The 90 year old woman said, “I and my family have been able to beat Corona with better health facilities provided by the government and good care taken by doctors.” The report of her son was found negative on 18 June.

The spokesman said due to army background, the whole family remained under discipline and adhered to the Home Quarantine Rules.

“High morale and strong will power helped their speedy recovery. The help extended by neighbours also had a role,” he said.

The spokesman said the neighbours of the corona affected family said anyone can be infected with Coronavirus.

When the neighbours for the information that the family was tested Covid-19 positive and their son was negative, they came out to help this family and the child.

“They used to make food and put it on the wall and call him on mobile to take meals. They took all precautions, using masks and gloves while helping them,” the spokesman said.

He said the health department has also appreciated the nonagenarian woman and the family for cooperating with health department officials under home quarantine.