Hundreds of people enthusiastically participated in the sixth edition of the "Digital Education Programme for Senior Citizens" organized by The Statesman. It was held at the meeting hall of Abhinav apartment, Vasundhra Enclave. The Statesman, in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, took the initiative to empower senior citizens in banking and other transactions.

The purpose is to generate awareness among senior citizens about the e-transactions so that they may adopt digital way of life. "Younger generation is aware of e-transactions, our target audience is senior citizens. They have smart phones but they lack knowledge of e-transactions, Paytm, Aadhar-linked payment etc.," said Vinod Gupta, Manager (HR & Administration), The Statesman. "Children and other family members don't find enough time to teach the elderly about the e-transactions and hence it becomes necessary to teach them about it," said Mr.Gupta.

The participants were taught about the basics of how to go cashless and adopt digital. Short modules on how to use Paytm, about e-Wallets and how to make transactions through it, about the use of Unified Payment Interface (UPI), Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), use of cards (Debit and Credit) and how to make payment at  Point of Sales (PoS) machines were demonstrated by experts.

Those who participated in the programme asked several questions and experts patiently cleared their apprehensions regarding e-transactions. A senior citizen asked the difference between BHIM APP and e-Wallet, while another NK Jain asked: "Shopkeepers say that they have to pay 2 percent of the total amount if they accept payment through Paytm, So, is advisable to pay via Paytm". He was told that it's not true and no such charge is levied. Jayant Ghosh, Vipin Garg, Prem Prakash, S. Jindal and several others appreciated the initiative taken by The Statesman.