To avoid leaving behind a dilapidated ecological system for the next generation, concerted efforts are needed to protect the environment, Punjab Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu said here on Friday.

The next generation is sure to be impacted by environmental issues of today and to avoid the perils of leaving behind a dilapidated ecological system, making concerted efforts to protect the environment from now onwards is the need of the hour, he said at a function here.

The local bodies, cultural affairs and tourism minister emphasised the need to protect the environment from disaster.

Sidhu said awareness needs to be spread in every nook and corner of the globe and a mass movement with the active participation of people was needed.

The minister further asked everyone to make efforts at their own level by planting trees and ensuring that the ecological balance is kept intact.

He said the next battle in the world would be over water and other aspects related to the environment.

Sidhu said the great Gurus in every religion have preached conservation of natural resources and their judicial use.