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Mumbai girl overhears man brag about cheating, launches Facebook hunt for girlfriend Supriya

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Putting the platform of social media to good use, a woman has begun a unique revolution on Facebook to hunt down another woman in a bid to save her from a ‘cheater’ boyfriend.

Aishwarya Sharma is trying hard to find a girl named Supriya from Mumbai as she has a very important message for her. On 15 February, Aishwarya posted an incident on Facebook and urged her friends to spread the word to all the Supriyas they know.

Now, the question is – why is Aishwarya really looking for an unknown girl? This is what actually happened.

Aishwarya has claimed that she overheard two guys in a pub in Andheri. The guys were talking about how one of them ditched Supriya to go out with some other girl. If the post on Facebook is believed, then Supriya’s boyfriend, named Aman, cheated on her to go out with a girl named Nidhi.

After overhearing the conversation, Aishwarya took it upon herself to let Supriya know about her cheating partner. The post has garnered over 2 thousand likes so far, while it has been shared over 300 times.

Here is the post.

“Overheard in Doolally Taproom, Andheri the 2 guys sitting behind me where one is like “Bro I ditched Supriya last night and went out with Nidhi and we made out”

2nd guy: Lol dude tu dude hai.. Supriya won’t find out.

LOL dude Supriya will find out.

So hello Supriya, if your guy’s name is Aman and he was supposed to go out with you on Wednesday night and he ditched you, he’s an as*****.

He has black frames and is thinner than the cigg he smokes..

Calling out all the Supriyas jinke bf ka naam AMAN hai. Dude you need to call that guy asap and say “gobar *****  ka sandwich bana ke kha bc” and break-up! xD


Share this with every Supriya in Mumbai you know..”