Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday expressed her ire over fresh Maoist infiltration in Junglemahal from neighbouring Jharkhand while addressing a programme on Adivasi Divas (Tribal Day) at Jhargram stadium here.

Without naming the BJP, she hinted that some parties are helping Maoists from Jharkhand to come here. “They are trying to bring back the days of bloodshed and violence in Junglemahal. Once there were days when around 300 people were killed in a year and tribal people dared not venture out from their homes, even during the day. But soon after coming to power, we have been able to restore peace in entire Junglemahal area. In the last seven years, there have been no incident of violence and killing,” she said.

While acknowledging the support of tribal people in the past, Miss Banerjee told the tribal populace: “You should not believe those who are trying to bring back Maoists from Jharkhand. We have not allowed any tension in this region for the last seven years. We haven’t allowed Maoists to foment trouble. But now some parties are helping Maoists from Jharkhand to infiltrate here”.

She also said: “I have information that Maoists are once again regrouping at Belpahari area with the help of some people. You should not let Maoists ultras enter in your areas and also stop those who are influencing them.”

Speaking at the programme, Miss Banerjee accused the BJP of misguiding the tribal and scheduled caste communities in the state and trying to buy their votes by giving them cash before elections.

“There is a political party that misguides the people here before the election and asks for their votes by giving Rs 1000 in cash to each of them. Do not believe them. They will give you money for two-three days and then disappear,” she said.

Referring to the recently held panchayat polls where BJP made significant inroads in Junglemahal seats, the Trinamul Congress supremo said: “Our ‘Maa-Mati’ government has tried its best to ensure overall development for the tribal people in Junglemahal. If we make any mistakes, you can tell it to me directly. I will try to rectify it. But please don’t keep nurture your disappointment in your mind and seek take revenge, you should not invite BJP and Maoists in your areas.”

The BJP had performed well and picked up a significant number of seats in Junglemahal area, comprising Jhargram, West Midnapore, Purulia and Bankura districts, in the recent state rural body election. Referring to the incidents of lynching in the country, Miss Banerjee said that the BJP was not interested in people’s welfare and was always trying to divide people along communal lines.

“We do not divide Hindus and Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. BJP, the ruling party in Delhi, does these things… They are not interested in the welfare of people. See how the Dalits, tribals and minorities are being lynched across the country,” she said, adding: “Let us take an oath to stop the communal forces. There is no room for communalism, fundamentalism, hatred, conspiracy and propaganda.”