A day after the Supreme Court ordered restriction on the sale of liquor through liquor vends located at the state and National Highways, liquor industry in the city is still coming to terms with the shocker.

A majority of liquor vends located in Sector 7, 26, 35,43 which did a brisk business until yet, are now facing closure as they would be losing a huge sum of their earnings. Though most of them have decided to wait and watch, a majority of them are also mulling to relocate to continue with their businesses.

Speaking to The Statesman, 30 year old Umang Mehrotra, who owns a liquor vend in Sector 35, says, “ We have to respect the SC verdict but at the same time, we will have to think about the dozens of bars and pubs which recently started operations at Madhya Marg after putting in a lot of investment. On the flip side, liquor lovers would go to any extent to get their dose of liquor, be it the illegal way.”

However a section of liquor businessmen is rejoicing at the Apex Court's verdict. These are those vend owners whose vends are located in the inner markets of the city and thus always held a grudge of making lesser money due to the location disadvantage of their vends.

“People always preferred buying liquor bottles from the main roads for the convenience. But looks like the tables have turned and this ban has a positive side to it as well", said the owner of one of the vends located in the inner market of Sector 8.

While the liquor businessmen have their own take on the ban, the youngsters are hoping it will make the city safer for women especially at night. “There is no alternative to the SC verdict. However, we can look at the bright side with lesser road accidents and crimes against women in the city with lesser number of vends where one can buy liquor from,” said Simar Kaur, student.