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Leopard spoils remote village’s cricket tournament by stealing ‘prize’

Villagers of Dangi were ready to host a cricket tournament this week but were forced to launch a hunt for a new ‘prize’

Raju Gusain | Dehradun | Updated :

A leopard in village Dangi in district Pauri ‘stole’ the ‘prize’ meant for the winner of a local cricket tournament. The prize was a goat.

Villagers of Dangi were ready to host a cricket tournament this week but were forced to launch a hunt for a new ‘prize’ on Wednesday.

The organiser does not offer cash or memento to the winning team but a goat as the prize.

On Tuesday night, a leopard broke the cattle shed where the goat to be given as prize was kept and mauled the animal.

As less than 48 hours was left for the start of the tournament, the hosts was left with no other option but to arrange a new goat.

Dangi village’s deputy pradhan Jagmohan Dangi said, “Winter is a lean agriculture season and the fields are empty. The tournament is played in agri fields with tennis ball. It provides youth some recreation and also physical activity. We were looking after the goat since a long time but the leopard spoiled our preparations.”

Dangi is reeling under the fear of leopard for a long time. The village is located 31 kms from district headquarters, of which the last three kms can be covered only on foot. The remote village in district Pauri is home to 40 families.


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A file photo of the goat which was offered as prize for the cricket tournament at village Dangi in district Pauri. (Photo: SNS)


After the villagers posted about the loss of the goat on social media, netizens could not hold their laughter.

Some termed the leopard the real winner. Others suggested imposing a penalty on the committee responsible for looking after the goat.

“Appears to be match fixed. Some leopard on two-wheeler must have taken the prize. File a police complaint,” quipped a user.

“Some close person took the goat and cleverly passed on the allegation on poor leopard,” said another.

While the lost goat was purchased from a shepherd, this time a local goat from a nearby village was arranged.

Mandeep Chauhan, a member of the organising team, said, “We had to spend Rs 5,000 for buying a new goat.”