BJP national secretary and West Bengal observer Kailash Vijayvargiya today said that there was an administrative conspiracy behind the murder of saffron party leader Manish Shukla.

He said that only an CBI inquiry could nab the original culprits and conspirators.

“A few days before the murder of Manish, his gun license was taken away by local administration. It is a deep rooted conspiracy, in which administration has been involved,” he said.

The state BJP also filed a plea before Calcutta High Court urging for a CBI inquiry into the Manish Shukla murder case.

A division bench of Calcutta High Court on Friday asked the CID to submit a report on the progress of its investigation into the Manish Shukla murder case.

It also asked the West Bengal government to file an affidavit in reply.

Vijayvargiya said that the state police and CID have not arrested the real culprits as there was administrative involvement.

“The Trinamul Congress has unleashed a reign of terror across West Bengal and has been killing BJP leaders. The Manish Shukla murder case must be investigated by the CBI and the real culprits must be arrested,” Vijayvargiya said.

CPI-M central committee member and Leader of the Left Front Legislatures Party Sujan Chakraborty yesterday also said that there were indications of the involvement of a strong crime syndicate network behind the murder of BJP leader Manish Shukla.

He said that Trinamul Congress led government failed to abolish crime syndicate activities during its reign, alleging that crime syndicates are very much active across Bengal, and daring crimes and murders are taking place on regular basis.

He also alleged that the TMC government has not attempted to prevent its party leaders from involving themselves in crime syndicate activities. On the contrary, when certain leaders leave TMC and join other parties the same government registered criminal cases against them for their previous crimes that they committed during his TMC stint.

“This way the crime scenario in West Bengal is horrible. BJP MP Arjun Singh was not booked for his alleged crimes when he was in the Trinamul Congress. Now his alleged prior crimes are being investigated as he joined saffron party. It means anybody could commit any crimes when they are in the TMC. This is very dangerous trend for our state,” he said.