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Abhishek fires salvo at BJP leadership

Dare to compare Mamata Banerjee’s achievements with yours, says TMC leader

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

Trinamul Youth Congress president and Diamond Harbour MP Abhishek Banerjee today dared the BJP leadership to compare what their party had done for the nation in the past seven years and what the Mamata Banerjee’s government did for Bengal in the past nine years.

He was addressing a public meeting at Muchisha in South 24-Parganas. Mr Banerjee also asked the Centre to come clean on the issue of Chinese aggression on India’s borders.

He said,” The defence minister had said that the Chinese troops have occupied our territory in Ladakh but the Prime Minister had said no Indian territory was occupied. We want to know the truth. Why were Indian soldiers killed by the Chinese Army?”

The MP said, “Whenever there is election, you will have Phulwama-like cases and contest the election on pseudonationalism. Why don’t you take positive steps against China except banning some Chinese Apps?”

He added that no BJP leader, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has the guts to take his name and use innuendos like ‘bhaipo’ or ‘bhatija’ (nephew) to level charges against him.

Mr Banerjee said the Trinamul Congress is a party of its workers and it is basically a grassroot level party.

He said when he first contested in the 2014 Lok Sabha poll, he won by a margin of only 71,000 votes but in 2019 he got more than 7,91,000 and the winning margin was more than three lakh.

He said he wanted to thank the voters and the party workers for not allowing the BJP to make a dent in South 24 Parganas. There are 31 Assembly seats in South 24-Parganas but BJP could not get a single seat in 2019 though the Prime Minister himself held a meeting at Diamond Harbour for half an hour, he said.

He said,” Trinamul is basically a party for the workers and our senior leaders and party workers have come through struggle and different movements. ” He said Mamata Banerjee was not made in a day. “Whatever tricks you play, Mamata Banerjee will head the cabinet in Nabanna.”

Without naming dissident Trinamul Congress leader Suvendu Adhikari, he said in politics you cannot achieve anything by using lift or dropping from a parachute. One has to go through sustained struggle to attain heights. He named some senior leaders and MLAs from the Assembly segments of his Diamond Harbour Parliamentary constituency and said such leaders like Dilip Mondal, Sonali Guha Bose and Ashoke Deb too have struggled a lot and did not become an MLA by.using lifts and parachute. He also asked his workers to regard Trinamul Congress as their own mother and anyone tried to betray the ‘mother party’ should be dealt with severely.