In an unprecedented incident, a newborn baby’s genitals were allegedly slashed by a quack in Jharkhand’s Chatra district to prove to woman that she had given birth to a girl.

On Tuesday, Gudia Devi along with her husband had visited a nursing home in Jaiprakash Nagar in Chatra district for a routine check-up, where they were told by the quack, Anuj Kumar, that a sonography would be required to check on the foetus..

The quack, claiming to be doctor, conducted ultrasound of the woman and told her husband Anil Panda she had a “girl” in her womb.  Kumar also recommended a caesarean section to deliver the baby.

However, the woman gave birth to a boy on Tuesday night. The quack, to prove himself correct, slashed the genitals of the newborn and claimed before the family that the ‘girl’ was born with deformities. The infant died.

The woman’s mother, who saw everything, created an uproar at the nursing home. Kumar, however, tried to settle the issue. Later, he managed to escape.

Police reached the nursing home on Wednesday and sent the newborn’s body for post-mortem. An FIR has been registered in the case and an operation has been launched to arrest the quack.

According to police, the nursing home was operating illegally. The state government had already issued an order to shut the nursing home.