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Hold campus placement drives, dept tells Himachal colleges

The placement cell of each college is entrusted with the task of conducting such recruitment drives.

Sanjeev Kumar | Shimla |

The youth of Himachal Pradesh would soon be able to get job placement opportunities on campuses as the Education Department has directed the authorities to hold recruitment drives.

The Director, Higher Education, Amarjeet Sharma has issued instructions to all colleges of the state to hold Rozgar Mela (recruitment drives) within their premises.

“In compliance to the direction received from the Chief Minister’s office, the colleges have been asked for generation of appropriate employment to the eligible candidates of the state through various schemes,” he said.

The Higher Education Department had directed that Rozgar Mela should be organized in your college, at least on quarterly basis, in coordination with District/Subdivision Employment Officer of the respective area.

The placement cell of each college is entrusted with the task of conducting such recruitment drives and these cells have instructed to take proactive initiatives.

The college authorities have also been told maintain good and cordial relations with the industry and private companies to ensure participation of maximum numbers of companies in the drives in good numbers.

Officials of Higher Education Department said the college authorities have been asked to take action in this regard and intimate the department on measures taken for the same within a week.

“The authorities have also been told to maintain the record of youth who gets employment opportunities and intimate the department as well,” he added.

It is worthwhile to mention here that over 9 lakh youths are seeking employment opportunities in Himachal Pradesh and the number is growing each year.

The lack of job opportunities is forcing the youth of the state to migrate to earn livelihood and it is one of the major reasons that youth always remain disenchanted with the political class.

Adding to their woes, the local youth, most of times, don’t get promised share of employment in industries set-up in the state, despite repeated assurance by the successive governments.

In its meeting held last evening, the state Cabinet decided to provide monthly Rs 1,000 Kaushal Vikas allowance to all newly engaged employees in private industries for a period of two years.

Those youth with physical disability of more than 50 per cent would be provided allowance of Rs 1,500 per month under the scheme and it will be applicable for all the employees who are getting salary up to Rs 15,000 per month in private sector.