Haryana Cabinet which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister (CM), Manohar Lal Khattar on Tuesday accorded approval to “Financial Assistance to Women and Girl Acid Attack Victims Scheme” under which a monthly pension to a woman or girl acid attack victim will be provided to allow her a continuous source of income throughout her life.

Under the scheme, any woman or girl victim facing acid attack on or after May 2, 2011 will be eligible for the benefits of the scheme.

The financial assistance will be given on the basis of the percentage of disability. The victim herself, parents or her legal guardians may apply to the District Social Welfare Officer for relief.

In case of a minor victim, the application may be made on her behalf by a parent or guardian. In case of victim being a married woman, the application may be made on her behalf by husband or parent or guardian.

The Cabinet also accorded approval to the Haryana Canal and Drainage (Amendment) Rules, 2018. The Haryana Canal and Drainage Rules, 1976 were enacted to fulfill the needs of management of water in equitable manner.

There are various provisions which define the action to be taken for violation of said rules and also elaborate the functioning for smooth and safe running of irrigation channels and distributaries.

Haryana Cabinet accorded approval for initiating Kalpana Chawla Haryana Solar Award and signing of memorandum of understanding between International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the state government.

The objective of Kalpana Chawla Haryana Solar Award scheme is to create a platform for participation of women and men scientists in solar energy sector thereby instituting an award dedicated to scientists and engineers working prominently in the field of solar energy research and development or associated with such research institute.

Such awards will encourage their participation in solar sector and provide them a platform to access affordable, reliable and sustainable energy across 121 prospective member countries of ISA. It will help in achieving the universal goal of sustainable energy for all.

Haryana Cabinet also accorded approval to the proposal of Revenue and Disaster Management to revise the Registration fee for the registration of non – testamentary documents relating to immovable property.

The rates of registration fees were revised on November 6, 2006 according to which the maximum rate of registration fee is Rs 15000 if the value of consideration in money terms is exceeding Rs 25 lakh.