WhatsApp appeared to have become the reason for the calling off of a proposed marriage in Naugaon Sadat area of Amroha district with the groom’s family claiming that the bride-to-be was in the habit of excessive use of the popular messaging service.

Uroj Mehandi of Naugaon Sadat was to marry off his daughter with Qamar Haidar’s son in Fakeerpura area on 5 September.

But the relatives and friends from the bride’s side were left waiting for the groom’s side on the day of the wedding. When the family of Qamar Haidar did not turn up, Uroj called him up to enquire.

The groom’s father allegedly told Qamar that they do not want to marry their son to his daughter as she is in a habit of overusing WhatsApp.

Amroha SP Dr Vipin Tada stated that the groom’s family called off the marriage accusing the bride of excessive use of WhatsApp.

The bride’s family, however, filed a dowry case against the groom’s family. In his complaint, Uroj accused Qamar Haidar’s family of demanding a dowry of Rs 65 lakh.