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Man slits throat of 13-yr-old daughter, honour killing suspected

SNS | New Delhi |

Police teams comprising units from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have arrested a man for killing her 13-year-old daughter in Delhi’s Karawal Nagar in a suspected case of honour killing.

The girl, who went missing on 7 March, was found dead in Uttar Pradesh’s Tronica city on 9 March.

As per the police, the father, Sudesh Chauhan, murdered his daughter by slitting her throat with a knife after he allegedly found his daughter talking to a boy.

As per media reports, the father did not approve of her daughter talking to a boy and had earlier seen her in multiple occasions talk to the same boy.

As per The Indian Express news report, on 7 March, the accused lodged a missing person’s report at Karawal Nagar police station, claiming that his daughter didn’t return home from the market. Two days later, her body was “found” by him in Mandola village, more than 10 km from her house, along the Delhi-Saharanpur Road.

However, during the investigation, the police while scanning the CCTV’s in the area found a footage of the girl walking alone near the market and later riding pillion on a motorcycle.

During their investigation, the police recovered the motorcycle and the helmet from the possession of the father leading to a suspicion of his involvement in the crime.

The police also said that the suspect was behaving strangely during preliminary investigation. He was taken into custody for questioning, where he confessed to killing his daughter.