Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Raghav Chadha has put serious allegations on Haryana on Tuesday alleging the state for supplying highly polluted water as well as cutting short the water supply to the national capital.

The DJB has found an abundant level of Ammonia, pollutants, industrial and untreatable waste in the water Haryana supplied to Delhi, Chadha stated.

“The PPM level in the water detected today was at the stage of 7.6 PPM. Up to 1 ppm of water can be treated, and beyond that, it cannot be treated even by international water treatment plants,” he informed.

Meanwhile, Chadha also alleged the BJP ruled state for reducing around 85 MGD of water supply to three of Delhi’s water treatment plants which cater for millions of households in Central, South and West Delhi.

“In Wazirabad, 135 MGD should be the optimum capacity, which has been reduced to 82 MGD. In Chandrawal, we produce 92 MGD of water, which has been reduced to 71 MGD. In Okhla, we produce 21 MGD of water, today, it is at a stage of 10 MGD. So, in total, 85 MGD of the water supply has been reduced due to the whammy created by Haryana,” he shared.

“Haryana government is deliberately trying to play with the lives of (Delhi) people by supplying pollutant water that is untreatable by world-class treatment plants,” the AAP leader said.

“There is an extensive level of ammonia present in that water. Our water treatment plants can treat the water to some extent, but not entirely,” he added.

Chadha said that the state is violating the right of Delhi residents.

“On one hand, they are supplying pollutant water that is filled with ammonia, and on the other, they are supplying less than the stated amount of water supply by the Supreme Court. They want to violate the right of life of citizens of Delhi,” he added.