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7 Must-Watch Hollywood Young Adult RomComs

Malavika Kodiyath | New Delhi |

Summer is a favorite time for many. Tanning at beaches, and succulent drinks have been the summer rites since Caesar’s day. Holidays are another reason summer is always welcome, albeit we know ways to beat the undulating heat. Though we don’t need to take a break from cavorting in the outsides, sometimes it’s okay to escape the heat and sit back in the comforts of your home and be in repose while watching brilliant young adult romcoms. Here are seven teen Hollywood romantic comedies. Though there’s a teen tag, people of all ages are going to enjoy these.

1. Boy Meets Girl

This delightful film shows us the life of Ricky, a transvestite with a dream to move to a fashion school in New York, and her best pal Robby, who has always stuck up for her. Things take a twist when dainty Francesca walks into Ricky’s life. The film explores a confounding set of emotions while pondering over the queer culture. The artsy aesthetics of the movie are going to make you fall in love with the story even more.

2.  Pretty in Pink

Named after the song by Psychedelic Furs, Pretty in Pink is a cult classic. Few can miss the augustness of 80s teen movie frequenter Molly Ringwald. This film follows the high school life of not-so-popular Andie Walsh who lives with her unemployed father. Andie and her friend Duckie are bullied by the popular kids of the school, but Steff Mckee from the popular gang falls in love with Walsh. This movie has scenes that can make you laugh and also melt your heart. A must watch if you love old school obvious ‘awww’ moments.

3. Flipped

This film adapted from the book with the same name by Wendelin Van Dreenen is a story about two preteens’ special chemistry set in the 1950s. For Juli Baker it’s love at first sight, while her crush Robert Loski is not so sure about requiting similar feelings.

4. Some Kind Of Wonderful

An interesting love triangle is formed with high school teen Keith Nelson in between. When Keith asks the most popular girl in school out, his punk tomboyish friend Watts, who is rumored to be a lesbian, finds out that her feelings for Keith are much deeper. A lovely high school story that would entertain you till the very end of it.

5.  Spectacular Now

Spectacular Now is a critical hit with an impressive cast comprising Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson and Jennifer Jason Leigh. This subtle teenage drama will have you wanting more of it once it’s done.

6. Sixteen Candles

With Molly Ringwald once again in the center, Sixteen Candles has a lot to offer in terms of comedy and teenage desolateness.Things go wrong for Sam Baker(Ringwald) on her sixteenth birthday starting with her family forgetting it’s her sixteenth as they’re preoccupied with the arrangements for her elder sister’s marriage.

7.  She’s All That

The fact that there is a young Paul Walker as the antagonist is what you’re going to enjoy the most about this movie. Also, there’s a young Usher. Dean Sampson (Walker) challenges his friend Zach to turn a dorky geek Laney Boggs to a prom queen for the coming high school prom.