The Delhi government has set up 301 vaccination centres in 76 schools across Delhi after it received vaccine doses to inoculate the population between 18-44 years of age, informed deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Monday.

The minister kicked off the Covid-19 vaccination drive on Monday from Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya in West Vinod Nagar. “Delhi Government has received 4.5 lakh vaccination doses until now, on the basis of which 301 vaccination centres have been made in 76 schools across Delhi, vaccinating 45,100 citizens,” he said on the occasion.

Sisodia also said that he was told about issues in booking appointments for the vaccination because of the limited centres.

“A few people told me that there were challenges with regard to booking appointments. This is so because we only have 4.5 lakh vaccines at the moment with limited centres, but we will resolve these challenges as we continue to expand our centres. It is almost certain that vaccination of all people will help us reduce this spike and defeat this deadly virus,” he reasoned.

However, the minister also showed confidence among the young population for 100 per cent turnout in the vaccination against Covid-19.

“250 people have been called per centre for today’s vaccination drive, with 100% turnout. I am confident this turnout will prevail because I believe our youth is looking forward to getting the COVID-19 vaccine centres,” he added.