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Cow substitute to Mother, God: Hyderabad HC judge

SNS | New Delhi |

Days after a Rajasthan High Court judge said cow should be declared the national animal, a Hyderabad High Court judge, B Siva Sankara Rao, on Friday called the cow a “sacred national wealth” which is a “substitute to Mother and God”.

Justice Rao observed that “in this country, for those in belief who represent a majority of population, cow is a substitute to mother, who is a substitute to God. The cow in particular acquires a special sanctity and was called ‘Aghnya’ (not to be slain)”.

He also observed that cow milk is the most compatible with human mother’s milk than any other species in existence. This is because the DNA of the cow was specifically constructed to be harmonious with mammalian human DNA.

However his observation did not go well with Twitter users who later took to the micro-blogging site to make fun of the judge.

“As we are blessed with such devout judges, this nation's judicial system is in safe hands,” Twitter user James Wilson‏ said.

Another Twitter user, Riya Mukherjee, wrote, “After Rajasthan HC comes another Hyderabad HC judge with their cow romanticism nonsense.”

“Rajasthan HC judge: peacocks copulate through tears Hyderabad HC judge: Cow substitute to mother and God,” Twitter user Rohin Dharmakumar said.

Samar Halarnkar wrote, “National lunacy. Another judge has a bovine opinion. Cow substitute for mother, God: Hyderabad high court judge.”

"#Cow substitute to mother and God". Missing parental love? Wanting some spirituality? You got 'em cow for everything! Hyderabad HC today!" another Twitter user said.