In a case of moral policing and herd mentality in Kolkata, a mob of men assaulted a young couple for ‘standing close’ and ‘hugging’ each other inside a metro compartment. The assault occurred at the at Dum Dum station of Kolkata Metro.

As per Anandabazar Patrika (ABP) news report, the harassment began around 10 pm inside the metro compartment after passengers objected to their hugging.

The verbal assault developed into threats and the couple were forced out of metro at Dum Dum metro station. The enraged mob, which included middle-aged and elderly passengers, began to physically assault the boy.

The mob thrashed the boy and the girl when she tried to protect him from the assault. However, a group of people from different compartment came to their rescue.

No official complaint has been made with the metro railway authorities, however, the rail officials are probing the incident to establish, why no security officer or railway officer arrived on the scene to help the couple.