Former Himachal Youth Congress president Vikramaditiya Singh condemned the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Central government for suppressing the freedom of the fourth pillar of democracy. In a Press statement issued on Monday, Singh said that this was for the first time in the history of independent India that the freedom of the press is being gagged.

He has said that this is happening for the first time in independent India that the Bharatiya Janata Party leadership at the Centre is trying its best to suppress the voice of the media.

“BJP leadership was trying hard to mislead the people of the country. There is rise in the mob lynching in the country leading to the killing of minorities in the state of Rajasthan, rise in crime in Uttar Pradesh and exploitation of more than 34 orphan girls in Bihar. Media is being harassed for highlighting the incidents,” he charged.

Seeing and hearing all these things, seems that there is undisclosed emergency in the country, where the media has no right to show and speak the truth he said, alleging that in this way the communal forces are flourishing in the country.

He blamed the BJP leadership for making an unsuccessful attempt to weaken the democratic system of the country.

Modi tries to evade media, he only wants media to sing his praises and is not bothered about the issues and problem of the public that include the farmer and the poor, he charged.

“Modi talks about his mind on All India Radio (AIR) and Door Darshan (DD), but he does not want to listen to the problems raised by the press,” he said.

Charging him to having completely eliminated the freedom of AIR and DD, which is now engaged in praising him from morning to evening, he said that it is a matter of grave